Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Getting by with a little help from my friends

As it says on the tin (or in my profile, actually) this blog is inspired by my good friend, fellow foodie and blogging mentor, Zanmei. Zanmei was good enough to introduce me on her own blog, Daily Hawler, before the ink had even dried on my very first post here! Actually, she did more than that–she also said some Really Nice Things about me, too (g).

If you are visiting here from Daily Hawler, you don’t need me to tell you what a special lady Zanmei is. Not for her mere dreams of swanning about the world; she’s out there doing it in real life–in Iraq, of all places! And it was from northern Iraq that she set off this summer, travelling all night and the better part of a day to meet me in Turkey. Despite the heat, dodgy taxi drivers and nearly missed flights, she still managed to make it to Goreme, Cappadocia before me and my swanky fully air-conditioned coach from nearby Konya!

So this one’s for you, Zanmei. Long may you travel and chronicle it all for the rest of us that somehow don’t get around to it.

And all of this talk of Iraq reminds me that I have a recipe for Iraqi lamb with onions, eggplant and tamarind that maybe I could dust off…

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