Saturday, 5 January 2008

A note on commenting

I was starting to wonder if anyone was actually reading Saffron and Lemons as no-one has posted a comment as yet.

Then a good friend said she would've left a comment except she was required to give all sorts of information first.

Actually, if you post as "anonymous" (sneakily placed as the bottom option), you can post away to your heart's content without any of that hassle. Blogger sends me your comments by mail, and if you are not trying to sell me Viagra or offer me millions if I only help you to get money out of Nigeria (g), I'll give the okay the next time I check my mail. Easy!

Just sign your comment as something I will understand, as your mail address will not show in the mail Blogger sends me. I comment anonymously in blogs as things like "W in Tokyo" and "Saffron" (g).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the commenting tip. I've been reading through your recipes and posts and making note of all the recipes I want to try out. Thanks for sharing!!! I have the same love affair with exotic cuisines, spices and PRESERVED LEMONS!!! (grin)

Saffron said...

The world is such a yummy place, isn't it. I just made up some more preserved lemons last night. Am going to give this batch the Ottolenghi touch, as I finally got the book yesterday. Might post on my experiences later.

Do let us know how you go with the recipes you try.